Sunday, September 19, 2010

Angra's New Album Titled 'Aqua'

Angra is a power metal band straight from São Paulo, Brazil. Known for their angelic chorus' and crazy guitar solos. Essentially everything a power metal band should have. Coming off their band break which started in 2008, they started up on a new Album in early 2010. 'Aqua' is their newest installment of melodic genius, and to top it off, you can stream it on their myspace. So Obviously I am going to let you download it.

Angra - Aqua
 Download Now!
 Download Now!


Money said...

thats just lol

add me back i added u dude. i view daily, i only need views

Aristo said...

Wow, that was unexpectedly good!

John said...

Needs moar Spread Your Fire

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