Monday, September 20, 2010

Mutiny Within Hunts for Drummer

Mutiny Within has recently had to drop out of their tour with Nevermore and Warbringer due to lacking a drummer. They were unable to find a solid replacement in time. If you don't know who these guys are, you should. Take a look!

 Mutiny Within has posted this blog on their Myspace:
 "We're sorry to say that despite our best efforts, our plans to hit the road with Nevermore this month have sadly fallen through. As many of you know, we have been looking forward to being a part of this tour and seeing all of our fans again. However, we feel that in order to deliver our best performance every night, our search for a full time drummer has to take priority. Instead of hitting the road with a temporary member again, we want to take the time to properly audition and rehearse.

We did have another drummer lined up to accompany us on this tour, but due to a slow visa process, rehearsal time was cut to an unworkable amount. Mutiny Within is not a 5 piece band and we need to find our 6th member to bring you guys what you deserve. We're so sorry to anybody who was looking forward to seeing us on this tour, but we cannot tour without a drummer. We know people will be upset and we apologize, but know that nobody will be more upset about this than we are. On a positive note, this gives us the time to work on brand new songs, which we've been looking forward to doing for some time.

If anybody knows a suitable drummer or you are yourself, then please contact us at We hope you all understand this and will continue to support us. Keep checking back for further updates, thanks everyone. MW"

So help them out guys, get some drummers to audition and get them back on stage where they belong.

 Once again, if you know any talented drummers or are a suitable drummer yourself, hit them up at



Aristo said...

Shame. These guys weren't bad!

Mr.magambo said...

Have not heard them before :o

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