Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kamelot's lead singer drops from North American Tour

After much consideration, Roy Khan(lead singer of the American band Kamelot,) has decided to drop put of the band's north American tour. It is rumored that he need's a bone marrow transplant and of course want to head home to his native land of Norway to have it done. Kamelot has gotten a replacement singer which happens to be an old friend of the band and lead singer of Circus Maximus, Michael Eriksen.

 Khan says:
 "I am terribly sorry that I cannot do this upcoming tour in North-America this fall. We have our most fantastic album ever coming out in September, and the timing could have been better I guess. The band has my full and unconditional blessing to go out there and kick ass regardless, and I feel we have found a good replacement in Michael. He is a very good singer and long time friend. Be good to him! Hope to see you soon"

Coming from a fan of Circus Maximus, he fits the play style perfectly.


Caroline Amnesty said...

i wish him the best

John said...

Even with a well-adjusted replacement, I still wouldn't see them live without Khan. I hope he gets well soon and his procedure goes accordingly, because he is definitely one of the most talented symphonic metal singers in the world.

Davie said...

supporting a bro, hope u return the favor :)

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