Thursday, September 16, 2010

KAMELOT Postpones North American tour

Kamelot postpones North American tour to wait for Roy Khan's recovery. The band said this:

"Hi Kamelot Nation.

As many of you know, Roy has fallen ill and could not make the North American tour. We have been rehearsing like madmen here in Tampa -- the band is tighter than ever and Michael from Circus Maximus is truly an amazing singer; if there is one male vocalist in this world who is on par with Roy, it is Michael! However, after today's rehearsal, we all decided that we do not feel right about doing the North American tour as anything less than a 100% Kamelot Experience. We appreciate that many fans have waited more than 2 years for new material and to see us perform together. Our new album, Poetry
for the Poisoned represents a labor of love from us, and to present it at anything less than full strength seems a disservice to all involved.

Though we will suffer financial losses on this late hour cancellation, we still feel it’s the right decision for us as a band to make – we regret disappointing all those who worked so hard to shape this tour, and especially those fans who were still so willing to come through and support us despite Roy’s absence. We are humbled by that type of support, and we sincerely hope that our return in full form Kamelot strength will be more reward for your unwavering loyalty! We will reschedule all shows in the near future, once Roy is able to return. To thank Michael for his effort, the band will still appear at the sold-out Progpower Festival, as a one off show with him and many special guest singers
from the festival. Again, we want to thank all of you for your amazing support!

Best regards, Kamelot Members"

We will be looking forward to Khan's Recovery and the North American tour to start back up when possible. Good wishes to Kahn.

Kamelot - The Black Halo


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